The Urban and Landscape Planning of Small Settlements Kfar-Nahalal and Kfar-Jecheskiel (German)

Editor’s Note: The Foreword of this early document was written by J. Ettinger, Director of the Department for Agricultural Colonization, in May 1923, in Jerusalem. In it he states:
“The Agricultural Colonization Department of the Zionist Executive in Palestine has helped to answer different ways for the founding of new settlements Kfar-Nahalal and Kfar-Yecheskiel….In the following brief memorandum Mr. Kauffmann gives the general policy of the two plans, which have now been realized in life.
The undersigned is of the opinion that this memorandum is of some interest to those who are interested for the construction of Eretz Israel.”
The following are images of the original document.
Document Cover

Document Cover

Title PageForeword

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Nahalal Elevation

Nahalal Plan

Page 7

Page 8

Jemeskiel Elevation

Jemeskiel Plan

Page 9


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